Care Act consultation closes on Sunday 21 February

Changes to the Care Act enacted by central government have introduced options to the way in which people are financially assessed and supported. The changes are most likely to affect those living in nursing or residential homes, those paying for their own care, carers, and those who receive assistance from social services and are still living at home.

The Care Act consultation is part of the ongoing Sutton’s Future initiative. Sutton’s Future aims to involve residents of the borough in making the difficult decisions necessary in the face of severe funding cuts.

The new Care Act 2014 has altered the way Sutton Council can charge some people. Some decisions about what and how services are charged for are now up to the discretion of the Council. Other rules have been introduced, for example, Sutton Council can no longer ignore war pensions or war disablements pensions when calculating how much a person can afford to pay toward the cost of their own support.

You can find more information about the issues facing the council, what changes to Care Act may result in, and details of how to get involved with the Sutton’s Future debate by visiting the webpage here


Sutton Council consults on changes to adult social services

The council is consulting on changes by the Government to the new Care Act, which has introduced some options to the way people can be financially assessed and supported to pay for the adult social care and support they receive. The proposed changes are likely to affect people living in residential care or nursing homes, people who pay for their own care, carers, and those who receive social care services and are still living at home.

The 12-week consultation runs from now until 21 February 2016 through the council’s Sutton’s Future campaign, which was launched last year to involve residents in helping to make savings due to unprecedented government cuts.

Residents can have their say via the Sutton’s Future website by clicking There will also be eight daytime and evening public consultation events in Sutton, Wallington and Worcester Park between 18 and 28 January 2016 to enable residents to have their say and discuss the issues with officials

NHS approves plans for new hospitals for mental health patients

NHS England and the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in Kingston, Merton, Richmond, Sutton and Wandsworth have approved plans to modernise mental health services in south west London, which will see £160 million investment into two new hospitals at Springfield and Tolworth.

The local NHS ran a consultation between September and December 2014 to propose changes to mental health inpatient services and some specialised services. The proposals mean that some of the most vulnerable people in our community will in the future be accessing facilities that will be among the best in the country once they are built. These services are run by South West London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust.

Some of the improvements to the proposals the commissioning bodies have agreed following feedback from consultation include:

  • Keeping adult deaf services on the Springfield site due to the deaf community that has built up in this area around services.
  • Increasing overall mental health spending by £20 million to £157.2 million over the next five years.
  • Working with service users and families via two travel steering groups to improve travel plans and access issues.
  • Improving facilities for families and carers by providing visitor rooms on every ward and overnight accommodation at Tolworth for people visiting children.
  • Adding in flexibility around bed numbers with contingency for a seventh adult mental health ward.
  • Working to ensure excellent education provision is in place before the children’s inpatient services open in Tolworth.
  • Working on plans to use part of Barnes Hospital for outpatient clinical services.

“Building the two new state-of-the art hospitals will make sure the people who need our help can get the best care and treatment in the best facilities possible. The CCG’s commitment to invest a further £20 million in community mental health services means we will help people get better, closer to home. This will make a very real and lasting difference to the lives of all the people who use our services, and a lasting legacy for the area.

Trust I would like to thank everyone who took part in the consultation and made this possible.

 You can read the full report on the modernisation of mental health services and the independent report into the consultation here.

“NHS – A Call to Action”

You are invited to take part in the conversation about the future of the NHS in Sutton…register your views by the end of February 2014

The Call to Action programme of engagement is a combination of national, regional and locally-run events, the proposed outcome of which is intended to be used to shape a broad vision for the NHS and identify what NHS England should do nationally and CCGs locally to drive service change. A Call to Action is designed to complement and further support the work CCGs have already accomplished and to support patient and public engagement in effective strategic planning.

The feedback we receive will be used to inform both Sutton CCGs commissioning plans and also our strategic plan for Sutton so we can build an NHS fit for the future.

My Health London Dialogue App

Dr Brendan Hudson, Chair, NHS Sutton Clinical Commissioning Group explains why and how you should get involved.

More needs to be done – our health and care services need to radically change to better meet the needs of Londoners, including those people living in the Borough of Sutton because;

  • Without change, our health system will not be able to sustain the delivery of quality care to local people. It is under threat by: an ageing population, an epidemic of long term conditions, lifestyle risk factors in the young and greater public expectations. These challenges are being faced in a climate where the costs of healthcare are rising and the budgets being constrained.
  • In the past, the pattern of healthcare has been hospital based, but this won’t address the problems in the future. More thought needs to be given to: preventing ill health; focusing on self-care; improving primary care to be more accessible and responsive; transforming hospital services to consistently meet agreed standards and further integration of health and care services
  • Sutton’s health needs are similar to those across London – we have rising levels of obesity, diabetes and dementia. We need to consider how we are going to plan for and commission the right health services located in the right place for our local population.
  • Londoners’ health depends too much on where they live – there is too much variation and inequality in the health of the population and in the provision of healthcare services. We need to tackle these same health inequalities in the borough of Sutton, for example depending on where you live there is difference in live expectancy across the borough of 8 years for women and 9 years for men. We need to change this.

To do this, we need to ask questions such as; how we can improve the quality of NHS care in Sutton? How can we meet everyone’s health needs?What must we do to build an excellent NHS now and for future generations? How can we do this with less or a reduced pot of money?

How can our partners/stakeholders get involved? As part of our response to this, Sutton CCG is engaging in a conversation with those

people who live in Sutton and use local NHS health services as well as key partners and stakeholders through existing events, engagement work, social media and news media. We are also going to be planning a bigger event for patients, the public and our partners early next year.

We are encouraging all of our partners and stakeholders to get involved and join in the conversation by adding their ideas and suggestions to the dedicated online space and by distributing the link to this within their organisation. We need all views by the end of February 2014 so that it can be used to help us develop our plan.

My Health London Dialogue App


Blue Badges

The Blue Badge renewal recommendations that have been issued by your department and have been adopted by local councils in their entirely need to be reconsidered as they do not take an applicant’s entire wellbeing into account:

• GP recommendations are no longer given serious consideration and are in fact are treated with derision

• No proper consideration for pain – i.e. applicant suffering with severe arthritis or other type of chronic pain conditions that effect the skeletal system

• No proper consideration of impact of pain on mobility • Existing Blue Badge holders have been turned down on point systems that are not balanced

• It is unbelievable that the DfT has sway over matters that impact on a person’s health & mental wellbeing.

Should we now start referring transport matters to the NHS? The current Blue Badge renewal procedure is unfair for those who suffer with chronic pain and Blue Badge issuance should revert to a GP/Consultant referral.

Sign this petition –


The new Westcroft Leisure Centre opens on 26 January with an exciting opening event which is free and anyone can go.
The centre has been completely refurbished and refitted thanks to an £11m investment from Sutton Council.
New facilities include:

  • 25m competition pool with electronic timing
  • Large 20m training pool with fitness lanes
  • 160 station state-of-the-art gym
  • 8 badminton court sized multi-use sports hall
  • Dance studio Spinning Room
  • Library with out-of-hours self-service
  • Creche
  • Meeting rooms
  • Day spa with manicure/nail bar and treatment rooms

The leisure centre is being run by Everyone Active on behalf of Sutton Council. They manage all our leisure centres in the borough, and they have put on a great day out for all the family.

Further information, a timetable and price lists are also available on the website –

New outdoor gym in Beddington Park

The open-air fitness centre in Beddington Park will give residents the chance to work out in the open air. The range of equipment is suitable for everyone, from children and pensioners to fitness fanatics.

 The gym was installed following requests from local friends of the parks groups and funded by the Beddington and Wallington Local Committee’s public realm funds. The Friends of Beddington Park were among the first to try out the new equipment, which includes an air skier, hip twister, push up machine and an upright rowing machine.

Your ward councillors Sunita, Stan & Bruce are delighted that Sutton Council has installed its first outdoor gym in Beddington Park. It makes sense to use the space we have in Beddington Park to increase fitness at the same time as having fun.

The gym is located next to the playground at Beddington Park.