20 October B&W Local Committee

Do you care about your local area and want to make a difference?

Come and take part at the next B&W Local Committee at 7pm Tuesday 20 October 2015 Orchard Hill College, Old Town Hall, Wallington, SM6 7DF

Hear about decisions being made by your local councillors
Be updated on neighbourhood recycling centre
Information on Sutton’s Local Plan
Discuss minor parking schemes
Hear about new neighbourhood improvements

London Trams closure 17 October – 18 October – Therapia Lane – Wimbledon

As part of the Wimbledon Line Enhancement Programme, London Trams are constructing an additional stopping location at the tram platform at Wimbledon which will increase the number the service between Wimbledon and Croydon from 8 to 12 trams per hour, a capacity increase of 50%. The construction work has been progressing well and is scheduled for completion at the end of October as planned.

More information can found here: http://bit.ly/1Jtv529

Green garden waste collection service to change

Green-fingered residents are being reminded that their green garden waste collection service is changing in the next few weeks.

The council’s free green garden waste collection service comes to an end this fortnight, with last scheduled collections on Saturday 27 June.

Scheduled fortnightly collections for the new paid-for green garden waste collection service will start on Monday 29 June.

If you haven’t yet signed up for the new service or would like  more information about it, go to sutton.gov.uk/ggw

Want to register interest in adoption?

More families have come forward offering to become adopters thanks to big changes made by a group of South London councils.

So far, 19 adoptive families have come forward and six Sutton children have been able to move out of care to start a new life in permanent homes.

As the South West London Adoption Consortium, which includes Sutton Council, nears its first anniversary early results show youngsters have been able to start new lives sooner thanks to the fresh approach to finding suitable families.

The consortium wants to build on the success by getting more people to come forward.

Contact them on 0300 123 8085

or visit http://www.southwestlondonadoption.org.uk/

NHS approves plans for new hospitals for mental health patients

NHS England and the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in Kingston, Merton, Richmond, Sutton and Wandsworth have approved plans to modernise mental health services in south west London, which will see £160 million investment into two new hospitals at Springfield and Tolworth.

The local NHS ran a consultation between September and December 2014 to propose changes to mental health inpatient services and some specialised services. The proposals mean that some of the most vulnerable people in our community will in the future be accessing facilities that will be among the best in the country once they are built. These services are run by South West London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust.

Some of the improvements to the proposals the commissioning bodies have agreed following feedback from consultation include:

  • Keeping adult deaf services on the Springfield site due to the deaf community that has built up in this area around services.
  • Increasing overall mental health spending by £20 million to £157.2 million over the next five years.
  • Working with service users and families via two travel steering groups to improve travel plans and access issues.
  • Improving facilities for families and carers by providing visitor rooms on every ward and overnight accommodation at Tolworth for people visiting children.
  • Adding in flexibility around bed numbers with contingency for a seventh adult mental health ward.
  • Working to ensure excellent education provision is in place before the children’s inpatient services open in Tolworth.
  • Working on plans to use part of Barnes Hospital for outpatient clinical services.

“Building the two new state-of-the art hospitals will make sure the people who need our help can get the best care and treatment in the best facilities possible. The CCG’s commitment to invest a further £20 million in community mental health services means we will help people get better, closer to home. This will make a very real and lasting difference to the lives of all the people who use our services, and a lasting legacy for the area.

Trust I would like to thank everyone who took part in the consultation and made this possible.

 You can read the full report on the modernisation of mental health services and the independent report into the consultation here.

Have your say

The council has to find up to £40m worth of savings from its annual budget in the next five years.

This is in addition to £32m already saved since 2011.

We have taken a careful and measured approach to the budget in difficult circumstances and squeezed all we can to protect frontline services and vulnerable citizens. But this cannot be sustained given the scale of further funding reductions.

We need your help to shape Sutton’s Future.

Sutton’s Future is an opportunity to have your say on the challenges facing us.

Take part go to – www.suttonsfuture.org/

Beware of council tax rebate scam

Sutton Council is warning residents not to be taken in by scammers claiming they are due a council tax rebate.

Residents in the borough have reported receiving telephone calls from criminals falsely claiming they are due a rebate from the council.

The sophisticated fraud involves people being asked to reveal their bank details to the caller over the telephone or send them to a fake email address. The caller often claims to be from a fictitious company Claimant UK.

The reason for handing over the bank details vary, but are all based around the claim that a rebate is due to an overpayment or a banding reduction.  Some of these scams are also asking for the person to provide a copy of their Council Tax bill and identification.

Sutton Council is warning residents not to give out their details and immediately report the incident to the police.

These scams, which have been carried out across London, also use fake email addresses which are very similar to the email address of the council within which the person resides.  For example the email address for the scam in Kensington and Chelsea was rbkc@safe-mail.net.

If contacted, take the person’s name and then call the police on 101


Liberals grow their majority in Sutton

Liberal Democrats retain control of Sutton Council

The Liberal Democrats have won control in Sutton Council local elections after winning 45 of the borough’s 54 seats.

Second were the Conservatives with nine councillors elected. No other parties won seats.

Niall Bolger, Chief Executive of Sutton Council, said:

“I would like to thank all the candidates and our staff for their contribution to a successful election.”

A political party needs 28 councillors to assume control and run the council, directing its policies and actions over the next four years.

The Liberal Democrats have led the council since 1986, making it the longest continual Liberal Democrat administration in the UK.

A total of 208 candidates from 10 political parties contested the election. The London Borough of Sutton is divided into 18 wards, with three councillors on each – making 54 councillors in total.

The three main parties, the Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats, had contested all the seats – with each fielding 54 candidates.

The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) fielded 19 candidates, Green Party 16 candidates, Trade Union and Socialist Coalition 4, Keep Our St Helier Hospital Party 4, English Democrats 1, Christian Peoples’ Alliance 1 and one independent candidate.

Turnout was 42.2 per cent – compared to the 70 per cent in the previous local election (which was combined with a Parliamentary Election) in 2010.

At the annual council meeting on 9 June, 2014,  the new mayor will be elected and the Liberal Democrats will announce who the Council Leader will be.

In the interim, Chief Executive Niall Bolger will use delegated responsibilities to lead the authority.

For the full results see www.sutton.gov.uk/voting

More people feel safer in Sutton than ever before

97% of Sutton residents feel safe outside during the day

Council Leader Ruth Dombey to chair public meeting on policing in Sutton on Thursday, 20 March from 18:30hrs. Members of the panel will be Guy Ferguson, Sutton Borough Commander: Mark Simmons, Met Deputy Assistant Commissioner; and Stephen Greenhalgh, Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime.

A recently published Ipsos MORI survey shows that the vast majority of residents believe that Sutton is a safe place – with safety being the single most important priority for residents in choosing where they live.

The survey shows that

– 97% feel safe outside during the day – a consistently high figure for the last five years

– 71% feel safe outside after dark – an increase from 62% in 2011 and 60% in 2009

The survey also showed further significant reductions in the fear of crime over the last five years. This has been achieved through a detailed understanding of the issues that make people feel less secure and the actions taken to address those issues.

Issues of greatest concern to residents continue to be speeding traffic, inconsiderate parking, groups of youths gathering, dog fouling and litter whilst the percentage of residents worried about being a victim of burglary has fallen to 48% (54% in 2009) and anti-social behaviour to 41% (58% in 2009).

The meeting will highlight the growth of Neighbourhood Watch in the borough from 900 members in 2009 to 3,588 in 2014 in 1,081 ‘watches’ covering 71% of the borough.

For further information and to register attendance visit:


A total of 1,031 residents were surveyed by Ipsos MORI between 11 October – 17 November 2013.

“NHS – A Call to Action”

You are invited to take part in the conversation about the future of the NHS in Sutton…register your views by the end of February 2014

The Call to Action programme of engagement is a combination of national, regional and locally-run events, the proposed outcome of which is intended to be used to shape a broad vision for the NHS and identify what NHS England should do nationally and CCGs locally to drive service change. A Call to Action is designed to complement and further support the work CCGs have already accomplished and to support patient and public engagement in effective strategic planning.

The feedback we receive will be used to inform both Sutton CCGs commissioning plans and also our strategic plan for Sutton so we can build an NHS fit for the future.

My Health London Dialogue App  https://conversations.myhealth.london.nhs.uk/sutton/dialogue

Dr Brendan Hudson, Chair, NHS Sutton Clinical Commissioning Group explains why and how you should get involved.

More needs to be done – our health and care services need to radically change to better meet the needs of Londoners, including those people living in the Borough of Sutton because;

  • Without change, our health system will not be able to sustain the delivery of quality care to local people. It is under threat by: an ageing population, an epidemic of long term conditions, lifestyle risk factors in the young and greater public expectations. These challenges are being faced in a climate where the costs of healthcare are rising and the budgets being constrained.
  • In the past, the pattern of healthcare has been hospital based, but this won’t address the problems in the future. More thought needs to be given to: preventing ill health; focusing on self-care; improving primary care to be more accessible and responsive; transforming hospital services to consistently meet agreed standards and further integration of health and care services
  • Sutton’s health needs are similar to those across London – we have rising levels of obesity, diabetes and dementia. We need to consider how we are going to plan for and commission the right health services located in the right place for our local population.
  • Londoners’ health depends too much on where they live – there is too much variation and inequality in the health of the population and in the provision of healthcare services. We need to tackle these same health inequalities in the borough of Sutton, for example depending on where you live there is difference in live expectancy across the borough of 8 years for women and 9 years for men. We need to change this.

To do this, we need to ask questions such as; how we can improve the quality of NHS care in Sutton? How can we meet everyone’s health needs?What must we do to build an excellent NHS now and for future generations? How can we do this with less or a reduced pot of money?

How can our partners/stakeholders get involved? As part of our response to this, Sutton CCG is engaging in a conversation with those

people who live in Sutton and use local NHS health services as well as key partners and stakeholders through existing events, engagement work, social media and news media. We are also going to be planning a bigger event for patients, the public and our partners early next year.

We are encouraging all of our partners and stakeholders to get involved and join in the conversation by adding their ideas and suggestions to the dedicated online space and by distributing the link to this within their organisation. We need all views by the end of February 2014 so that it can be used to help us develop our plan.

My Health London Dialogue App  https://conversations.myhealth.london.nhs.uk/sutton/dialogue