Reorganisation/closure of police stations and counters in Sutton

The Mayor’s Office for Policing has just announced that there will be a public meeting to discuss plans for the re-organisation/closure of police stations and counters in Sutton.
The meeting is this Friday evening (8 September) so just a few days’ notice which is very poor.  The meeting starts at 6.30pm and is Meeting Room 1 at the Civic Offices Sutton.  You can see more detail here:

Beware of council tax rebate scam

Sutton Council is warning residents not to be taken in by scammers claiming they are due a council tax rebate.

Residents in the borough have reported receiving telephone calls from criminals falsely claiming they are due a rebate from the council.

The sophisticated fraud involves people being asked to reveal their bank details to the caller over the telephone or send them to a fake email address. The caller often claims to be from a fictitious company Claimant UK.

The reason for handing over the bank details vary, but are all based around the claim that a rebate is due to an overpayment or a banding reduction.  Some of these scams are also asking for the person to provide a copy of their Council Tax bill and identification.

Sutton Council is warning residents not to give out their details and immediately report the incident to the police.

These scams, which have been carried out across London, also use fake email addresses which are very similar to the email address of the council within which the person resides.  For example the email address for the scam in Kensington and Chelsea was

If contacted, take the person’s name and then call the police on 101


Crime in Sutton continues to fall

Sutton is consistently one of the safest boroughs in London and overall crime in the London Borough of Sutton continues to fall – with a 5.2 per cent drop during 2012-13 compared with the previous year. That‟s more than 600 fewer victims of crime. Crime has fallen by a total of 30.3 per cent since 2005 when the Safer Sutton Partnership Service was set up as a joint police and council team to manage the borough‟s community safety services based at Sutton Police station. To combat crime in the borough‟s town centres and incidents arising from drinking in licensed premises, police and council officers have been working closely with clubs, pubs and retailers to make sure they are complying with the licensing laws.
The results are good news for the borough. We are carrying out operations and arrests every day to keep Sutton a safe borough. The increase in residential burglary and motor vehicle crimes was disappointing – and were the result of an unprecedented surge in criminals travelling into the borough and other South West London boroughs during last autumn targeting gold jewellery.
Sutton has seen a huge increase in the number of residents joining Neighbourhood Watch – with membership almost doubling over the last year to 2,760 members – with one ward – Wandle Valley – being the first in the Met to have a NHW co-ordinator in every street in their area. Officers from Safer Neighbourhoods Teams are actively working with NHW to recruit new members.
Police operations have resulted in many arrests which have reduced the impact these criminals are making in Sutton. Sutton is known throughout London as a borough where the police and Sutton Council along with other organisations like registered social landlords, businesses and NHW, work closely together to make local communities safer. “We are determined to continue to work with Sutton Council through the Safer Sutton Partnership Service to make Sutton even safer for the benefit of everyone who lives, works or visits the borough.
Guy Ferguson
Borough Commander, Police

Say ‘NO’ to the bank scam

Police have received a significant number of reports of a ‘bank scam’ targeting elderly and vulnerable residents, particularly those living on their own.

The way the scam works is that you may be contacted by telephone and asked to confirm your bank details including your mother’s maiden name, account numbers, sort codes, card numbers and PIN numbers. You are likely to be told that your bank cards need to be replaced and that a courier will be sent to your address to collect it. Once collected, the fraudsters use the cards the same day to make withdrawals at cash points.

Such calls are part of an elaborate scam. Banks should never ask for any account details or PIN numbers because they already have this information.

Police advise you not to give out any personal or bank details over the phone and not to give away your bank cards. If you receive a call like this, please put the phone down immediately and call police on 999. We are working closely with our colleagues in other London boroughs and Surrey Police to investigate these crimes and to catch those responsible.

Beware these doorstep callers

There have been a number of incidents across the borough where two white males both with Irish accents have been trying to obtain money by deception.

They are knocking at front doors and using various false stories to obtain money. Examples of this are “I have lost my wallet and need money to get home”, or “I have run out of fuel and need some money to get home”.
If you encounter this type of incident, please contact police on 999 immediately with as much detail of suspects and suspect vehicle as possible.