Sutton Council opposes changes to 463 bus route

Sutton Council has voiced its opposition to Transport for London’s proposed changes to the 463 bus route in Beddington and Wallington.

In the council’s response to the TfL consultation, which ends today (Friday 9 October), the council considered any proposed amendment to the bus route to be “unwelcome and unwise” and asked TfL “not to proceed with this proposal”.

The TfL proposal, which would mean the 463 bus no longer served Manor Road and Croydon Road between Maldon Road and Demesne Road, has also been rejected by residents.

Letter to TfL below

Response to the consultation on the proposed route amendment for the 463

“The Council has a long standing aspiration to improve the coverage of bus services for residents in Beddington and Wallington, as it is noted that some residents live further than 400 metres from a bus stop. However, concern has been expressed by residents who are currently on existing bus routes such as the 463 that they may be disadvantaged if any changes occurred to present bus routes – particularly if they involve the ability to change buses at an interchange e.g. onto the X26.

Residents on the existing 463 bus route have confirmed that they are happy with the present arrangement and do not wish the current route for the 463 bus to change. Further, residents on the TfL proposed route alteration for the 463 bus have also confirmed that they do not wish the route to change either for a number of specific reasons which are set out below. Bearing this in mind, the Council cannot support TfL’s proposal for a route change to the 463 bus. With this letter we are expressing our opposition to the proposed route change.

Following the launch of the consultation on the proposed change to the 463 route by TfL, there has been a considerable amount of concern from residents about this proposal. A petition with over 500 signatures has been assembled and this is being presented to TfL’s Commissioner by Tom Brake MP. Many residents have also written to Tom Brake MP and Councillors and expressed opposition on the doorstep. The main concerns of residents are around:

• the risk of exacerbating congestion in these residential roads;

• the potential loss of on-street parking and the potential need for residents to provide off-street parking on their front gardens and move street furniture to create dropped kerbs;

• the potential for an increase in noise and air pollution along the residential roads which could be exacerbated by the stop-start nature of this traffic calmed route;

• the potential road safety risk posed by the buses as heavy vehicles;

• potential anti-social behaviour caused by waiting passengers;

• the lack of need or demand for this alternative route.

Ward members report that those along the route of the current service are concerned about the impact on journey times with the loss of the service, and that current users are also concerned about the loss of connections with the X26 at Wallington Green.

We welcome the resources that TfL have applied to their consultation which has included an extended time period for response to reflect the summer holiday period and a willingness to make provision for a second round of written communication with the residents of Malden Road, Montague Gardens and the affected part of Demesne Road when it became clear that not all residents had received the information initially. We are pleased that the consultation has been more widely publicised and that TfL report a greater than average number of responses.

As a consequence of the concerns of residents, the Council considers that it would be unwelcome and unwise for TfL to go ahead with the service change, and therefore respectfully asks TfL not to proceed with this proposal. The Council remains committed to working with TfL to improve bus services where ward councillors and residents consider there are clear benefits, particularly in areas most distant from bus routes.”


Butter Hill traffic solution voted by residents

The votes are in and that the residents have chosen option 1 .

In May & June a Public Consultation was conducted that involved distributing consultation leaflets to local residents and holding a public exhibition to introduce the project to the local residents and to respond to any questions that they may have.

Consultation questionnaire documents which contained a postage free return facility were hand delivered to 1327 residential properties and businesses in the Butter Hill area.

Additionally, the following bodies were also consultation:

  • Ward Councillors
  • London Metropolitan Police Traffic Management Unit
  • London Fire Brigade (Sutton Fire Station)
  • London Ambulance Service
  • London Buses
  • Cyclism
  • Cyclism Touring Club
  • Living Streets
  • Transport for London Network Management
  • Residents association

A Public Exhibition was held on Wednesday 12June 2013 and Thursday 13 June 2013 at Westcroft Leisure Centre to answer any questions and discuss related issues with the public.

The final results are as follows:

  • 39% of the respondents preferred option no.1 and another 6.4% preferred an alternative measures but also accepted option no.1.
  • 37% of respondents preferred option no.2
  • From the alternative options suggested, the 3-way traffic lights were favoured     mostly by the respondents.

Summary Table


Option no.1

Option no.2

Don’t want any change

3-way traffic lights

One-way system

Two-way system

Number of Returns







Percentage of total returns









Blue Badges

The Blue Badge renewal recommendations that have been issued by your department and have been adopted by local councils in their entirely need to be reconsidered as they do not take an applicant’s entire wellbeing into account:

• GP recommendations are no longer given serious consideration and are in fact are treated with derision

• No proper consideration for pain – i.e. applicant suffering with severe arthritis or other type of chronic pain conditions that effect the skeletal system

• No proper consideration of impact of pain on mobility • Existing Blue Badge holders have been turned down on point systems that are not balanced

• It is unbelievable that the DfT has sway over matters that impact on a person’s health & mental wellbeing.

Should we now start referring transport matters to the NHS? The current Blue Badge renewal procedure is unfair for those who suffer with chronic pain and Blue Badge issuance should revert to a GP/Consultant referral.

Sign this petition –

Good news for Wallington North commuters

Today the Government has announced that Thameslink trains services from Carshalton will be safeguarded and rail users will not be forced to change trains at Blackfriars.

This will mean that our local area will maintain direct connections with St Pancras International rail station and the new £15bn Crossrail project that will link east and west London.

This is not only good news for commuters but good news for the future prosperity of Carshalton and Wallington. 

Thank you to all of you who supported the campaign to safeguard this vital link with central London and beyond. I think this really demonstrates what we can achieve when we join together for the benefit of our local community.

From – Tom Brake

Liberal Democrat MP for Carshalton and Wallington

New Car Club Scheme

A new car club scheme called Car2go launched in Sutton on Tuesday 4th December with 100 Smart for Two cars on the borough’s streets. Car2go are a new concept in car clubs and urban mobility, with the cars ‘free-floating’ rather than having fixed bays. They can therefore be used for one-way journeys rather than having to be returned to their bay as with traditional car clubs such as Zipcar. The Council has entered into an Agreement with Car2go allowing them to park anywhere legal on-street except residents’ permit bays, without the need for a permit.  Car2go will reimburse the Council for any chargeable (i.e. pay and display) parking that they use. Once the scheme becomes established and popular the cars should move around frequently but at the moment they may be in one place for a while. Please see the Car2go website for more details:

Butter Hill Traffic Residents Working Group

The resident’s working party steering group meet on 1st March at 7pm in Holly Trinity Church, Wallington, to discuss the practical outcomes for Butter Hill, traffic issues. The meeting was well attended ideas and issues were freely discussed. After a good debate there was a consensus that safe and easy access for both pedestrians and vehicular traffic was a priority. Faran Forghani officer in charge confirmed that he will be presenting the finding of the remodelling exercise report at the Wallington and Beddington Local committee meeting on 15th March 2011, which will be held at the Bandon Hill Primary Schools, starting at 7pm, please feel free to attend. Click on this link to view the agenda –

Wallington High Street improvements starting soon

The Wallington Integrated Transport Package (WIPT), engaged the local community in the development of the improvements to the high street. It started with an informal consultation with a range of residents, local businesses and visitors asking them what they liked and disliked about Wallington and what improvements could be made to encourage them to use more sustainable transport options. Over 1,000 responses were received and, generally, the feedback showed that people liked and used Wallington but the main problems were congestion and difficulty crossing at key points, clutter and areas that were untidy and run down.Significant amendments were made to the project because of the feedback from the consultation. These changes included amendments to the area around the library gardens and old town hall, and the addition of more loading bays and disabled parking. The project manager and senior engineer, Russell Troup, went through the final scheme details and highlighted the drainage improvements they wanted to incorporate into the area.Transport for London has provided a significant contribution to fund the project, which is due to commence in mid February 2011.

Further information on the scheme is available from or 020 8770 4551

Butter Hill traffic calming

Your hard working ward councillors are pleased to report that action is being taken in getting a solution to the traffic problems in Butter Hill. As residents of the Elms estate will be only too aware, traffic can be very busy and chaotic at times along Butter Hill. Most notable is the chaos caused at the narrowest part near the exit onto Manor Road North where irresponsible drivers mount the footpath putting pedestrians’ lives at risk. 

This is not a good situation and residents, quite rightly, need and deserve solution. We are working hard with residents to get a solution put in place. Part of that is the setting up of a residents working group that will meet with councillors and council officers.  At a recent meeting of the Beddington & Wallington Local Committee, your ward councillors got allocated a sum of money to commission a consultant to undertake a traffic modelling exercise along Butter Hill. Consideration will be given to various schemes by the consultant once the modelling exercise starts in the New Year.  The consultants report will be used to support the Council’s bid to Transport for London, for funds to progress a scheme to implementation. Additionally, the conclusions of the report will also be presented to a future meeting of your Beddington & Wallington Local Committee, most probably in March. Currently the bridge works on London Road are causing more traffic than normal to use Butter Hill and so any findings reported on now would be incorrect and may jeopardize the bid to TfL to fund the proposed solution. We fully appreciate that this may appear to be a delay to the process, but the modelling and bid to TfL have to be right!  We will continue to keep residents informed of the project’s progress.

Contact details: – Tel 020 8770 4526