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by Sunita Gordon on 18 December, 2018

We like to keep our residents informed about local news, issues and campaigns. If you would like to hear more from us, please sign up here.

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Wallington Green traffic lights petition

by Sunita Gordon on 15 May, 2018

Your Wallington North Councillors and local residents are calling on TfL to re-configure the traffic lights at Wallington Green (A232/A237). Sign the petition: I/We the undersigned want a traffic light controlled crossings and additional north & south filter lights at Wallington Green junction. Sign here.

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Sutton Council worked with the Environment Agency, Thames Water and the emergency services to clear the centre of Wallington following the flash flood there on the afternoon of Tuesday 7 June. An intense thunderstorm at 2pm saw almost one month’s rain (3.5cm or 1.4 inches) fall across the borough in an hour. An average of […]

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Blue Badges

by Sunita Gordon on 23 June, 2013

The Blue Badge renewal recommendations that have been issued by your department and have been adopted by local councils in their entirely need to be reconsidered as they do not take an applicant’s entire wellbeing into account: • GP recommendations are no longer given serious consideration and are in fact are treated with derision • […]

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Beddington & Wallington Local Committee meeting

by Sunita Gordon on 21 April, 2013

The next local committee meeting will take place on 23 April at 19.00, you are welcome to attend. To see the publicly available information, follow the link: Agenda details on public web site Meeting venue: Beddington Park School, Derry Road, Beddington, Surrey CR0 4UA The following items are included in the agenda: No. Item 1 Welcome […]

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by Sunita Gordon on 31 March, 2012

Next BEDDINGTON AND WALLINGTON LOCAL COMMITTEE will take place on TUESDAY, 17TH APRIL, 2012, starting 7.00 pm at the Bandon Hill Primary School, Wallington. I would like to encourage the residents of Wallington & Beddington to attend the meeting and let us hear your views. AGENDA 1. APOLOGIES 2. MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING (Pages 1 […]

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Take Part Take Pride

by Sunita Gordon on 17 February, 2012

This year the Summer Festival in Sutton will start in mid May and continue until September to make the most of the historic events London is celebrating. If you or your organisation would like to want to host an event in celebration of The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the Olympics and Paralympics, we can help. A […]

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Beware these doorstep callers

by Sunita Gordon on 19 October, 2011

There have been a number of incidents across the borough where two white males both with Irish accents have been trying to obtain money by deception. They are knocking at front doors and using various false stories to obtain money. Examples of this are “I have lost my wallet and need money to get home”, […]

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Wallington High Street improvements starting soon

by Sunita Gordon on 5 February, 2011

The Wallington Integrated Transport Package (WIPT), engaged the local community in the development of the improvements to the high street. It started with an informal consultation with a range of residents, local businesses and visitors asking them what they liked and disliked about Wallington and what improvements could be made to encourage them to use […]

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by Sunita Gordon on 15 December, 2010

The Government has today launched its Localism Bill, which will have major impacts on council services. This is just a snapshot and we will be doing further work over the next week to draw out the implications for Sutton. Sutton has long been committed to involving the local community in decisions that affect them, and […]

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