Butter Hill traffic calming

Your hard working ward councillors are pleased to report that action is being taken in getting a solution to the traffic problems in Butter Hill. As residents of the Elms estate will be only too aware, traffic can be very busy and chaotic at times along Butter Hill. Most notable is the chaos caused at the narrowest part near the exit onto Manor Road North where irresponsible drivers mount the footpath putting pedestrians’ lives at risk. 

This is not a good situation and residents, quite rightly, need and deserve solution. We are working hard with residents to get a solution put in place. Part of that is the setting up of a residents working group that will meet with councillors and council officers.  At a recent meeting of the Beddington & Wallington Local Committee, your ward councillors got allocated a sum of money to commission a consultant to undertake a traffic modelling exercise along Butter Hill. Consideration will be given to various schemes by the consultant once the modelling exercise starts in the New Year.  The consultants report will be used to support the Council’s bid to Transport for London, for funds to progress a scheme to implementation. Additionally, the conclusions of the report will also be presented to a future meeting of your Beddington & Wallington Local Committee, most probably in March. Currently the bridge works on London Road are causing more traffic than normal to use Butter Hill and so any findings reported on now would be incorrect and may jeopardize the bid to TfL to fund the proposed solution. We fully appreciate that this may appear to be a delay to the process, but the modelling and bid to TfL have to be right!  We will continue to keep residents informed of the project’s progress.

Contact details:

sunita.gordon@sutton.gov.uk – Tel 020 8770 4526




The Government has today launched its Localism Bill, which will have major impacts on council services. This is just a snapshot and we will be doing further work over the next week to draw out the implications for Sutton.

Sutton has long been committed to involving the local community in decisions that affect them, and our status as one of the Big Society vanguard areas is recognition of this. The Bill will allow us to build on this work by further devolving power and give us more flexibility so that we can work with local people to deliver the services they want.

The main proposals in the Bill show that:

Councils have a “general power of competence”, allowing them to do anything not specifically banned

Councils will be allowed to return to the committee structure if they want

Councils will have to publish a senior pay policy statement

Councils will be given the power to set business rates, and borrow against future income

Councils will also be given the power to decide who should qualify to go on their housing waiting list

Residents will be given the power to start local referendums on any local issue and the power to veto excessive council tax increases

Community groups will have a “right to challenge”, meaning they can apply to run local services

Communities will be given the right to buy community assets if they are up for sale like libraries and shops

• Neighbourhoods will be given the right to permit development in their areas without the need for planning applications

Developers planning large schemes will have to consult with the community before submitting a planning application

London councils will be given control over more of the major local planning decisions that affect their local communities. The Mayor of London will only consider the largest planning applications in future


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Because of the severe weather we’ve experienced over recent winters, we are providing free grit for our residents. There’s 10kg of free grit available for each household to use on footpaths, pavements or roads at the front of your home.

Free grit is available until 10am-5pm on Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 December. Please bring your own bag or sack to collect the grit. Your garden waste sack or blue bin would be ideal, or a large plastic container.

There is more information on how to obtain grit at www.sutton.gov.uk/gritting or you can call 020 8770 5070.

Lib Dem Bookstall Sale – Success

Just received an e-mail from Michael Baldwin who organized the Lib Dem Bookstall on the High Street in Sutton.  With a few days to go – enough volunteers eventually came forward to support the stall which turned out to be a success! 

In Michael’s own words: 

“we also had competition from the animal welfare and Rotary not to mention the cold.”

The grand sum of £723.40 was raised on the day including £86.00 alone for Olwen’s jams! 

I have tasted Olwen’s jams and it is well worth making the special  journey to the High Street . . .

In preparation for the next Lib Dem Bookstall and because it takes four weeks to produce a Bookstall; Michael stated that the number and quality of books affects the level of takings.  So a big request to donate your books to replenish the supplies.

The next suggested dates for the next Lib Dem Bookstall sale are as follows:

  • Saturday 15th January 2011;
  • Saturday 19th February 2011 and
  • Saturday 19th March 2011.

And if you would like to help out in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me for further details.